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Mademoiselle Deradier:

The pretty blonde girl exercising with the astronaut trainees in the grounds of the Drax estate upon Bond's arrival by helicopter is introduced to James Bond during the following morning's pheasant shoot as Mademoiselle Deradier. Later in the temple caves, she watches without a trace of emotion as Bond struggles with and subsequently defeats Drax's pet python. Mademoiselle Deradier dies in outer space.

Béatrice Libert was born in August 1956 in Mons, Belgium. A former Miss Belgium in 1975 and a successful fashion model in Paris. After the film was released she did some modelling work until 1984. In that year, her first son was born and she decided to leave Paris and moved to the south of France to raise her children.

Becoming a Bond Girl:

There was a casting in Paris where all models were invited. Model agencies sent their most beautiful girls to this casting. With nothing to loose I went on my own. When I saw all those beautiful girls with long black hair, I was certain I didnít have a chance. I had short blond hair! Mr. Broccoli was sitting in a chair, looking at all the girls and I had a NO like so many other girls. Just when I left I bumped into the director, Lewis Gilbert. He asked if Mr. Broccoli had chosen me and I told him he had not. Mr. Gilbert then went up to Cubby and said: ĒIf you donít take this girl, I wonít make your movie!Ē I got a contract for six months. During these six months we were not allowed to take other jobs. And thatís how I got in the movie.

Ms. Libert appeared in two other films in the 1980s.
Moonraker (1979)
Josepha (1982)
Femmes de personne (1984)
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